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Crafters, artists and money…

Last weekend I went to Seattle to teach about goal setting and art licensing at the School House Craft event.  There were about 65 creative people sharing ideas, products and lots of beliefs – whether they realized it or not.  :)

I spent my 3.5 hour drive north from Portland listening to Sean Smith’s audio series – Release the Brakes.  Which talked about recognizing and changing limiting beliefs – so beliefs were on my radar! (He has some great ideas and food for thought – you can find this series and more here > (I have no affiliation – just passing on great resources)

Over lunch a conversation went something like this…  “I do XYZ … I’m not saying I want to get rich or anything, but I’d like to make more than $2/hour for my time after all of my expenses.”

Another artist nods her head in agreement, “Me too.  I’m not greedy or anything, but it’s so hard…”

After a few more people parrot this idea, I find my mouth opening and my voice saying, “Why don’t you want to make money?  There isn’t anything wrong with it.  It isn’t like Apple is going to charge us less for our iPhones because we are so creative…”

Money can be such a sticky wicket for people.  Why do artists feel they have to starve to be valid, or reassure others that “they don’t need to be rich” or equate wanting to make a living with being greedy?  I bet you don’t hear conversations like that in silicon valley!

Money is a tool and it’s a tool everyone needs to live and make choices.  There have been many conversations about money in regards to the SURTEX show… the booths are too expensive.  The show should realize how our business has changed and give us other options… the reality is, their costs are going up too.  The Javitz Center in NYC isn’t lowering rates, or paying less for workers or electricity because the economy has gotten harder since 2008.

We, as artists, decide how much we charge, what royalties and what size jobs we are willing to accept, and how we spend the money we earn.  It is our job to pay attention and make it work.  If that means you do a show every other year, or put off exhibiting for the first time for a year, then that’s what you do. If you think being at the show every year is valuable for your business, you figure it out.

I suggest we all DECIDE that making money is a GOOD THING.

While I’m not saying our business is a piece of cake and you can make a ton of money in your sleep, if you look at other businesses, it might not seem so bad.  In the 6 month coaching program I recently completed (that I invested $9,000 to participate in – my choice and in my opinion, worth every penny) there was  a man who was a builder.  His specialty was remodeling – kitchens in particular.  He shared with us that his business had to do $70,000 in sales EVERY MONTH – to break even.  TO BREAK EVEN.  I don’t know of any artist that has to have that level of income to break even… at least not any solo artist.  Studios with a large staff might but not the average artist in licensing.

Many large companies are happy if their profit margin is 10% of what they bring in.  I can assure you that I also don’t know of any artist spending 90% of what they bring in on their business.

Everything is about perspective, attitude and your belief system.  If you believe it will be hard or that we have it good – you are right.

I encourage you to notice the things you and those around you say about money and business.  Are they fear based statements or optimistic.  Your attitude about money feeds your attitude and action in your business… luckily, you can control and change your attitude – if you choose to.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

Comfort or Courage?

Quote - Comfort or Courage

Without being courageous, not a lot will change.  You will lead a comfortable life – safely in your comfort zone – doing what you like to do.  That’s fine – if that’s what you choose.  When I asked a few members of my family if they were comfortable being uncomfortable they got a look of horror on their faces and said absolutely not!  My sister followed up with “That’s your M.O. – not mine.  I am perfectly happy being comfortable and supporting you in your discomfort.”

Take a moment to get really honest with yourself – are you willing to be UNCOMFORTABLE to get what you want?  Most of the things you dream of, that you don’t already have, are just outside that comfort zone.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

How BADLY do you want it?

From Sept 11-13, 2014, I spent my days in a room of 265+ people who were willing to “go there”… we were attending Tiffany Peterson‘s annual event – Elevation.  It’s a combination of personal development and sales & marketing training.

Tiffany did a call with me back in July and I invited everyone to join us in Salt Lake City, just as I had been invited by Jennifer Pugh last year.  Two (brave!) artists decided it felt right and came.  Debbie McCulley flew in from Spokane, Washington and Cathy Nolan took the trek west from New York City.  It was fun to get to know them both better – laugh together, cry together, open up and swap stories.  I was thrilled that they both found the event to be a mind and perspective changer as well… maybe next year you will come too!

Artists of Elevation 2014

One of Tiffany’s big themes is this:  How uncomfortable are you willing to be to get the results you want?

Some will say not at all and others will do ANY-THING to make their dreams come true.  What matters is what is true for you.  How uncomfortable are you willing to be to make it in art licensing?

Here’s a little video (that was uncomfortable for me to make – but I decided that was half the point) about my thoughts on the matter.

Some food for thought… here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

Are you a starter, a finisher or both?

A few years ago I was at a live event and we were asked this question – are you a starter or a finisher?

The presenter then explained that STARTERS were people who often had great ideas and amazing enthusiasm at the beginning, but then fizzled out, got distracted or started something new before ever finishing the project.

FINISHERS on the other hand, keep going till the job is done and can get upset with people who, in their eyes, “flake out” before completing the mission.

There are also a rare breed of people who are naturally both STARTERS and FINISHERS.  They come up with great ideas, get inspired AND get it done!

As we sat thinking about ourselves and our way of doing things, he then asked all the STARTERS to stand up.  If memory served, it was about 75% of the room.

They then sat down and the FINISHERS stood up.

He then told the STARTERS to take a good look around – if you are a STARTER it’s important to partner with a FINISHER so you get things done.

Another way to look at this is through the lens of Follow-Through.  Follow-through is basically finishing.  I love some of the tips Marie Forleo gives in this video but I also love the idea of finding a finisher to partner with if you really like to keep starting new things.

There is no rule that says the same person has to take a job from start to finish – but you won’t find much success if no one ever finishes what you start. – Tara Reed

On Facebook there have been quite a few discussions lately in the art licensing circles about whether you HAVE TO learn to use Photoshop or Illustrator to succeed.  Do you HAVE TO learn to put your art in repeat?  Can the client do this stuff or can you outsource it?

As you can imagine, there were almost as many opinions as there were responses.  My personal feeling:  the more you know and the value you can provide your clients, the more repeat business you will get.  (For that reason I have FINALLY committed to really learning Illustrator… and it’s going better than expected after only a few days.)

At the same time, I can provide the value to my client by hiring someone to do the work that needs to be in Illustrator if I so choose as well.  or Photoshop… whatever the case may be.  The key is to get the job done.

SO… food for thought today:  do you like to finish what you start or will you find another way?

Watch this video – Marie has some great ideas for people who want to better manage themselves so they don’t get distracted before the finish line if they choose to do it themselves.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

Jim Carrey’s Secret of Life

This has been going around Facebook and Jennifer Pugh brought it to my attention – on the absolute perfect day for me!  I SO NEEDED this reminder – it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day drama, decisions, fear of the present and future, questioning the past… our brains really are  amazing and can work for us or against us if we let them run wild.

So today – take a few minutes and watch this video… stop everything else you are doing.  Listen, watch and breathe.  Nothing else.  It’s only 3 minutes – you can do it and I promise – it’s worth it.

Here’s to your creative success.

– Tara Reed

Keep moving…

Some days you may feel like you are stuck in quicksand and others like you could run a marathon… that’s just how it goes.  The most important thing?  KEEP MOVING.

What will you do TODAY to move your art business forward?

Here are 5 ideas:

  1. Start a new art collection.
  2. Look at art you have and see if you can add things to make it a collection that would work well for licensing.
  3. Submit your art to a manufacturer.
  4. Follow up with a company you have shown your art to.
  5. Look at your website and make sure it makes a great first impression.  If it doesn’t – change it.

Quote - Martin Luther King

Never Stop Learning…

Quote - Never Stop Learning

Live in the present, look to and believe in your future but don’t forget to take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate what you have accomplished thus far…

Be a life long learner.  Change is constant:  be observant, watch and learn how to adapt and thrive.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

What do you see?

Quote - What you see

Personally, I think both what you look at  as well as what you see are crucial…

What you focus on AND how you interpret it – or what you see – will have a big impact on your life and your business.

Some food for thought… for the rest of the day I invite you to be aware of what you are looking at / focusing on and how you “see” it.  Is there another way that would make your life easier, happier, more peaceful?  Does one view make you anxious and another make you hopeful?

Shift your focus to improve your life.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed


Sometimes you are Luke, and sometimes you are Yoda…

Warning:  Star Wars analogy to follow.  :)

In life, most people are Yoda to some and a Jedi to others.  You teach and you learn… but are you truly aware of the role you are playing in different relationships?

I have been trying to be more aware and conscious of who helps me and how I help others lately.  I can get lost in all the things I still want to do that I forget to stop and acknowledge what has been done.

In art licensing, Paul Brent is one of my Yoda’s and I’m his willing Jedi… but to new artists wanting to figure it out I may be the Yoda in the equation…

Today I invite you to acknowledge yourself for the help and inspiration you give others and to reach out and thank those that help you.

I also invite you to take Yoda’s most quoted advice:

Do. or Do Not. There is no Try.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S. If you are looking to learn how to DO the business of art licensing, I’ve got tons of resources for you!

  • Head to and take a look around.
  • Wander through the many resources on this blog – you have looked at the tab options too and not just the posts, right?
  • Go to and see what is coming up, grab some of the free replays and more.

Introducing my Success & Sales Coach – Tiffany Peterson

I’ve decided not to be greedy… it was, after all, through artist Jennifer Pugh that I got the nudge to go to Tiffany’s event last September and get to know the woman who would have a huge impact on both my life and business.

I can’t begin to tell you how much of an impact she has had on my life and business.  I’m excited that she has agreed to spend some time on the phone with me talking about personal development, blocks to success and more.  This is a little different than our usual calls – we don’t need questions because I know what I want you to hear!  The question is – are you prepared to listen?

– Tara Reed

It was an amazing call… if you missed it, sign up here to get access to the free replay.

Tiffany Peterson - bonus call

Want to join me in Salt Lake City in September at Elevation?

I have my ticket and room booked and I’m counting down the days.  I LOVE this event – if after listening to Tiffany and what she’s about, you think you might too – JOIN US! [affiliate link]

About Tiffany Peterson:

Tiffany Walke Peterson has an impressive and detailed repertoire of experience in the personal and professional development industry. Tiffany is a seasoned success trainer, speaker, coach, and facilitator helping individuals and organizations alike  in creating stellar results and lasting change in their professional, financial, and personal lives.

Before founding her own company, Tiffany worked with and for many popular authors and groups, both selling and teaching the content for Franklin Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Jack Canfield, The Success Principles, and The Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and Robert Kiyosaki, of the world famous Rich Dad, Poor Dad series. The opportunity to be mentored and trained by some of the world’s best authors, teachers, and content has significantly influenced her own successful results and the results she helps others to achieve today.

Tiffany’s career began and successfully grew in the sales and marketing side of the professional and personal development industry. Tiffany serviced many Fortune 500 accounts in her career, including FedEx, Delta Airlines, and Siemens while working closely with C level executives. Tiffany received many promotions in her corporate life experience, managing multiple sales teams and projects, with a responsibility for sales budgets that ranged from $7.5 million to $40 million in annual sales revenue. Due to her record breaking sales achievements, she was sought after to train and mentor her proven sales style, process, and techniques to other sales associates, of which ultimately led her career and her passion for training, speaking, and coaching to evolve into what is now her own business. Tiffany has successfully trained and coached hundreds of sales people, with an average of 30% increase in sales revenue due to her proven methods.

Tiffany is the Founder and President of The Lighthouse Principles, Inc, a training and development firm offering proven methods and strategies to align individuals and organizations in creating success with their own goals, results, and purpose.

Tiffany is a radiant, dynamic, and captivating influence for positive change. Affectionately named, “The Hope Giver”, Tiffany is highly sought after to speak and train to groups and causes of all sizes and influence. She is well known for her passion of success principles and personal growth. She is vibrantly on purpose when she is speaking, coaching, and inspiring others to discover and achieve their own personal and professional potential.


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